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Updating Unifi Network Hardware from Home Assistant

I've always been a bit weary about using alternate interfaces to manage important hardware. I typically login to my Dream Machine Pro to manage my Unifi hardware updates, but this time, as I was prompted by Home Assistant that there were updates available, I tried using the HA user interface to initiate a firmware update of one of my network switches.

In Home Assistant, on the "Settings" page (from the left sidebar), I see the following options:

Update Options

To confirm, I logged into my Dream Machine Pro and found this:

Unifi Pending Updates

So I know in fact that the information is correct. Now normally I would just click the 3 "Click to Update" links in the UDMPro interface, but I'm giving it a try from the Home Assistant settings page this time.


Other than using a different interface, there's no real advantage that I can see by doing it this way. It seems like it's the same amount of clicking or management either way.

Upon clicking the "INSTALL" link from the update popup in Home Assistant (that comes up after you click the pending update in the Settings page), the UDMPro immediately switched to updating, confirming that the connection was rock solid. In the HA UI, after about one minute, the popup started spinning it's update bar.

In everyones infinite wisdom, progress indicators have become simle whizzing colored wheels or bars with no progress indicators, so we're at the mercy of ... well, whatever, as it's not clear how long it will take. In my experience, updating unifi gear has been relatively quick and painless, although anything and everything connected to the device you're updating will lose connection temporarily as it is re-booted by the update process.

My assessment is that it's entirely safe to use the update process for Unifi network gear from the Home Assistant settings page.